Learn to dance the Modern Jive way for as little as $15!

COVID-19 Level 1 : Yes we are open but cannot supply water or snacks
Stay Hydrated and Energised.  Please bring your own.

Our Team

Our teachers are not just great dancers-come-teachers but are skilled educators and coaches who harness teaching skills from other areas of life to make your dance experience better, more enjoyable and entertaining.

All of our teachers enjoy bringing to you the joy of dancing, and helping with the fun social experience that Ceroc is.

Our teachers come from a variety of dancing backgrounds, each with their own personal style, this brings a well-rounded approach to the class atmosphere.

They have choreographed winning teams, coached many a competition couple, and have competed and placed in both Regional and National Dance competitions, most are recognised national judges and some are also National Title holders.

If you attend any of our classes or events you are more than welcome to ask our teachers to dance as they are always happy to share their love of dancing.